Kenneth Ma’s reaction to Wayne Lai winning Best Actor

TVB Fans of Tumblr,
Can we please take some time to appreciate MaMing’s reaction?!
I spend a whole 10+ minutes looking at it and I can’t stop… hahahaha!
His face is just so hilarious!  It looks super derpy, and looks like he’s in so much shock that he doesn’t even know what’s going on.  My mom’s like he looks like a sad little boy who’s clinging on his Favorite Male Character trophy because someone better is getting Best Actors.  Ohmygosh, he looks like a lost puppy; super adorable!  Everyone around him is happy and clapping and yelling and he’s just standing there, staring at Wayne.  Oh, this is too good.

He says he was getting ready to congratulate Raymond Lam, but surprisingly, it was Wayne who won.  He didn’t know how to react at that moment.  Haha, he’s so cute. 

i love sooo much i really want u meet u